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Learning Logic Site Survey

National Science Center
Site Survey
2011-2012 School Year
For Current and New Schools

The following questions have been developed to assist us in improving our Technical Support Services to all current and future Learning Logic (L2) partners. We ask current Learning Logic schools to complete the entire survey. New schools, please complete only section 1 and 2. It may be necessary to contact your IT department to assist in answering some of the questions below.

School Name:*
School District:
Your Name:*
Number of Labs:*
Number of Learning Logic Students
  Algebra I:

Personal Computer Specifications 
Random Access Memory (RAM):  i.e. 1GB
Operating System:  i.e. Windows XP
Processor Speed:  i.e. 2 GHZ
Monitor:  i.e. 17" Dell
Hard Drive Size:  i.e. 80GB
CD-RW Drive:  
Network Interface Card:  i.e. 100 Mbps
Video Card:  i.e. NVIDIA Quatro FX 3500
Server Specifications 
Random Access Memory (RAM):  i.e. 2GB
Linux Operating System Version:  i.e. Red Hat 7.3
Processor Speed:  i.e. 2GHZ
Monitor:  i.e. 17" Dell
Hard Drive:  i.e. 80GB
Network Interface Card:  i.e. 1000 Mbps
Video Card:  i.e. NVIDIA Quatro FX 3500
Printer Specifications 
Printer Type:
UPS Specifications 
Do you have an UPS:
If yes, 1000 VA or greater:
How are you currently connecting to Learning Logic?
  • Standalone - (Connect using VNC on PC's)
  • Bootable CD - (Use CD to establish L2 session)
  • Client Server - Connect to L2 via NSC's server)


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