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Science Demonstration

This program uses numerous physical science demonstrations to actively engage the student in the learning process. Demonstrations with Van De Graff generators, Plasma Ball and Tesla coils are used to create "hair raising" experiences. Frequency, sound, and resonance are all covered during the exciting Electronic Glass Breaker demonstrations. Persistence of vision is demonstrated with the "I thought I saw something" Light Stick. Last but not least is the "Seeing in the Dark" demonstration where the principles of night vision are demonstrated. Throughout the demonstration program, numerous students (and occasionally, a brave teacher) will be asked to assist the demonstrators.

The complete van program consists of fun, interactive science demonstrations. The entire program is approximately 50 minutes in length. Routinely, 6 presentations can be scheduled during a traditional school day. Each session will seat approximately 35-40 students, depending on age.


Program Manager Contact Information
Name: Mobile Discovery Centers
ATZH-NSC, Building TNG-02
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Phone: (706) 791-9435 or (800) 325-5445
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